Since 1998, Ireland based Japanese company Nichiai Ltd has been bringing and sending a number of Japanese students to English Language Schools in Ireland. We are a unique "Local Agent" located in Ireland, not in Japan. Our web-based marketing has been working successfully, and now we are one of the largest Japanese agents for many schools in Ireland. We are also sending a small number of students to UK and Malta.

Our general clients profile is adult and individual at average age of around 25-30. They come with various length from 1 week to more than 1 year to study English. Some are younger, but we do not bring junior groups. Our service is focused to adult individual students.

We are proud of our high quality local services to our clients here in Ireland. Our students are very happy to receive our service while they are staying in Ireland, as we are close to them, and we have much better knowledges than any other Japanese agents. Schools are also happy to deal with us, as we can send you the happiest and most suitable students for your school. As you know, nobody is the same; every school has a different charactor; no school can be 100% perfect for all different type of students. That's why we are so important for both students and schools. We honestly provide as much information as posiible to our potential clients to help their selection of the school to go; some likes big city but others likes countryside, some likes large school with many Europeans but others like small school with more personal attention. We are in your locality, so naturally we can gather more information than other Japanese agents from both students and schools, that's why we can select the best school for the student, and we can select the best students for your school. That's why our base is in Ireland, not in Tokyo! But we regularly travel to Japan for marketing. We organise our own style of informal seminars in various locations in Japan for school promotion purposes.

However, we are still a small agent, and we would like to keep this small size in order to contnue providing current quality and friendly services to all of our clients. Therefore, we have to limit the number of schools to deal with, particularly in some area like Dublin where there are so many language schools. But we are still always looking for new good schools. We would be delighted to hear from the schools which have something unique selling points, such as quality teaching, attractive activities, unique location. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our service itself is free, of course. We do not charge anything like advertisement or translation.

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