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Nichiai is a registered limited company based in Cork, Republic of Ireland. Established in 1996, we have been working as a bridge between Ireland and Japan.
Nichiai has been working with many English Language Schools in Ireland since 1998 as their local agent. We are the only well-established Japanese language agent based in Ireland. We also work with language schools in UK and Malta.
Nichiai originally started as the trading company in 1996, specialised for the Japanese market. We have been exporting various consumer goods to Japan, mainly from Ireland and UK but also from other European countries.
Every December we ship the highest quality Irish smoked salmon to Japan as your personal gift. Price includes everything; packing, transport, Japanese import duties and taxes and house delivery to Japan.
Our office is located in the centre of Cork City, which is the second largest city in Republic of Ireland.
As we work toward Japan, our opening dates and times are a bit different from typical Irish companies. Please check here before visiting us.
Nichiai Ltd
87 South Mall, Cork, T12 K5CD, Ireland.
Tel: +353-21-4270199
Fax: +353-21-4270118
Email: contact@nichiai.net
(new email address valid from 24 Mar 2014)
Because a large volume of spam emails are circulating, please do not put our email address in any websites or publications (including trade directory) without written consent of Nichiai Ltd.
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